50 Fire Pit Designs for Your Gardens and Patios

50 Fire Pit Designs for Your Gardens and Patios

There are many ways on how you would beautify your outdoor spaces like the garden and patios. There are many decors that you can put to add a glow that your outdoor spaces needs.

Fire pits are also called as fire hole; they are usually hollowed out in the ground that holds gas with burning structures of stone, bricks and metal. Fire pit is different from a fireplace.

Fire pits are commonly built outside and are enjoyed by plenty of people. Unlike the fireplace that is installed inside the house usually enjoyed by two persons and adds a dramatic feel to living rooms.

Contemporary style of fire pits are made mostly out of metals and stones and are used with fire burning woods and gas.

This is a very effective decor that would make the entire area of your garden and patio very glowing during night and outdoor parties.

Can you just imagine how your areas can be turned into an inviting place with a fire pit?

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